French classical dressage with modern equine biomechanics and know how

Raison d'Etre

Becoming Thoughtful


This website is designed to tell people about opportunities to start or continue  learning dressage with lightness and bio-mechanical know-how. 
This site is independent of any one school of thought or instructor. It lists only those instructors who have a similar passion for lightness in training, underpinned by French Classical Dressage with modern bio-mechanical know-how. 

Learning Opportunities / Clinics


Listed below are events for learning opportunities with links to the organiser for easy bookings and further information.

The clinics are designed to further our education and occur at regular intervals. 

International and Local Instructors


We are lucky to have instructors who are willing to learn and to undertake their own continuing professional development. 

The hard work of putting ideas into action is done at home in between events with our local instructors. The international instructors are like icing on the cake giving us a hit of stimulation and new input to help us progress. 

Schedule of Events

No upcoming events.


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Instructors, Articles and Links to useful places


Student Articles

To start the ball rolling I have posted an article on the benefits of Legerete, an article on Pro Sanitate Equi and "On the Forehand". Your contributions are invited subject to instructor review. 


Paul Cairns , Galston, NSW

Nadine O'Sullivan, Ovens Valley, Vic and Nationally

Nicole Weinauge Pro Sanitate Equi, Germany

Melanie Bulmahn  For The Horse, Germany